Find House Design Types

It’s possible to achieve a great house design with a low budget. To achieve this, one must invest keenly on the architectural design. A good example is Allan Donovan’s House in Kitengela which is designed with a West African concept in mind-flat roof with pigeon holes on the parapet wall.

Another example is the Hacienda Eco City Development in Mombasa which is also coincidentally designed with a West African/Islamic architectural concept with a flat roof and pigeon holes on the parapet walling.

The presidential State Lodge in Sagana, Nyeri is also a magnificent piece of architecture that has utilized architectural design to achieve greatness without necessarily using very expensive materials. It’s a plain rectangular house with hipped roofs and low aluminum casement windows.

Technological uses also affect budget. New lighter roofing materials such as stone-coated steel roofing tiles save on the amount of timber trusses used to support the roof.

The choice of foundation type will also affect the costs. Estates such as Jericho in Eastlands area were built on a raft type of foundation which is very cheap to put up. The ground floor slab rests on small sized beams which are laid on top of the ground so no excavations and foundation walling is done.

On superstructure walling, within Nairobi area, masonry stone is readily available hence not expensive. A cost-effective way to achieve elegance is to have the stones hand-dressed to a pattern of your liking. Hand-dressed stones bring out character to your house and will save you in terms of maintenance since they virtually require no maintenance at all.

Prefabricated houses are slowly coming into the Kenyan market. These houses are the solution to affordable housing in the developed economies such as USA, China and Europe and it’s a matter of time till they find their niche in Kenya.

In conclusion, architectural design and use of appropriate technology can greatly reduce the cost of construction of your house.


Finding the Right Firm to Design Your Architectural

Architectural designed homes have so many prominent advantages over classical, engineered homes that it makes little sense to spend large amounts of money on a living space that does not feel personalized and lacks character. At the end of the day, that is among the primary reasons that people are increasingly opting to spend a little extra and hire a talented architecture firm to design their dream space.

If you’ve decided to spend some money on hiring an architectural firm to design your dream house for you, the next big decision to make is finding the right firm to carry out your vision. There are so many firms out there today that choosing one can become a really daunting task. That said, it’s worth mentioning here that Architecture in itself is a very competitive field, and even if you blindly took your business to one of the reputed firms, you wouldn’t regret it.

However, since it’s your home that’s at stake here, an environment that forms the living space where you spend a large portion of your life in, it makes sense to try and get down to the details and pick a firm that will be just right for you. There are several ground rules that you can keep in mind that will help you transform what is just a desire for a great house to something you can step into and feel good about.

First of all, in the architecture world, reputation plays a big role. What really form the backbone of a firm are the architects that are employed there. The best architects tend to go work for the most reputed firms, simply because architects by nature love watching the best of the business work and learn from them. As a result, when choosing the right firm for you, make sure to try and get some word of mouth reviews or even look on the internet about the firms you’re considering.

Every architectural firm has its own distinct sense of style. A signature design, if you will. Some firms prefer a modern, minimalist look while others may prefer a lusher, rustic look. Examining this is easy, all you have to do is find out some projects that the firm has undertaken before. This not only gives you a peek into the style the firm prefers and allows you to see if it matches what you like, but also allows you to see how dedicated and committed the firm is to quality.

A good firm will carefully examine your needs before drawing a single line of blueprint for your architectural designed home. The most distinct sign of a good firm is if they are interested and passionate about your vision for your home. They will ask lots of questions, ask for your feedback and opinions, and show you 3D models at different stages of development. Choosing a firm is actually somewhat of an intuition, because the minute you find the right firm, you’ll feel comfortable discussing your ideas and vision with them, so don’t be afraid to look around before you settle for one firm.


Start Your Enterprise Architecture Program

Recently I’ve been asked this same question over and over again. If I were to create enterprise architecture office, what would be my first steps? This endeavor can be approached from several directions. I would say that the first thing that is required for a program is to find your supporters in the organization.

In order to get support while in your current architecture role inside your company, you must approach the CIO, or another business executive responsible for strategy. You are looking for support for this concept as well as financial backing and time to work on setting up the program.

You will need a strong liaison on the business side in order to support your project as well. Often this comes from a financial office, or potentially the strategic planners in your company. Once you have decided or found your supporter you can take your next steps in staffing the program.

If you are an architect inside the organization who did the initial approach to your supporter, you will want to set up your role as the leader, or find the person who should take that position. If you are the CIO looking for a way to start a program, it may be your job to find a brand new enterprise architect from outside or grow one internally.

Find the chief architect or director of architecture next is usually best way to start. Handing a new EA your program and your vision will not likely have as good as a result as if they were initially involved. Starting group without a leader will most likely leave the issue to become a program later on.

After you have identified the leader, you can determine what their high level vision would be for a company like yours. You will need to determine what your goal or objective of any EA program if. Do you have a burning issue inside your organization that is driving your need for an EA program? Do you have a large project is burning out of control begging for enterprise architecture leadership?

If you’ve got specific IT initiatives for several new business strategies, this may be all you need in order to set goals and objectives for your program. If you’ve got a runaway IT organization lacking in consistent standards in applications, or in dire need of a technology overhaul, this may be your anchor. If you are looking to gain leverage using technology in your business, this could also drive your EA program start.

At the end of the day you’re going to need some high-level vision to align your group with the results you wish to deliver. Be sure to include things like enterprise decision-making and governance, risk avoidance, standardization & optimization of your infrastructure, as well as consolidation of efforts. Decision-making by a central group on enterprise-wide technology is also increasing as one of the biggest reasons drivers behind the group.

You will need to determine how your program will do the work, and which team you will assemble. We’ll assume that you assemble some existing resources from an architecture position, or are you going to have to hire externally or from amongst others in your organization that have architecture background.

There’s several ways to do this, and requires more details than I can expand on in this post. At this point you need to have an understanding with your supporter as to how much of your time will be spent on this program and how much others time you can have to get allocated.

You’ll also need a rough outline of what your first steps shall be and I would suggest that you map out at least the next 6 to 12 months. Anybody who will support you will want to know what your plans are in which you plan to do with the team.

I have typically used a multi-pronged approach in that I want to target issues that were outstanding, as well as one or two new initiatives that are strongly linked to providing value to the organization as soon as possible. I will be adding some video in the next few weeks that outlines some quick wins for a new start-up program, if you care to follow this thread.


Choosing a Good Architectural Signage

In the recent times it has been found that architects are using topographical elements in their signage designs. Architectural signage has become big business this is because not only does it enable a potential customer or an already existing customer to locate you, but having this type of signage is one form of advertising your business. Actually in recent years signage has become an art in order to keep up with the times and the current trend. With the rise of new and upcoming designers the signage world is constantly changing for the better because there are new designs and the pressure for these designers is to create signage that will stand out from the rest.

We all can agree that in business it is important to let people know who you are and what you do hence, the business signs that you choose should reflect not only your business but also you. Having an architectural signage that is attractive, informative and stylish will not only revamp your business but even you.

There are a number of classic architectural signage all over the world that have captured the eyes and attention of a huge audience especially in the design world. These signs of extreme wonder have in co-operated all forms of style. When choosing an architectural signage design it is important to choose carefully the image that matches your business.

The following are pointers to note when choosing a good architectural signage for your business.


Every company be it large or small have different images and clientele and thus when choosing a design you need to keep that in mind as this design will reflect the essence of the company and what it represents.


An excellent architectural design is one that is not only great to look at during the day but also is a striking work of art at night thus, it is important to have the right lighting in order to properly show the work of art. This will not only be a centre of attraction in terms of beauty but will also attract and generate new business and bring in new clients.


When designing the signage it is important to also take a look at the design of the building so as the signage can reflect the architecture of the building.


A good architectural signage is birthed out of an idea. Knowing what you want is one thing but you should also have a distinctive picture in your mind, and with that you can now look for the right people to transform your idea into reality and them you can only find through research finding the right architectural designer is paramount if you are to get the best results.

Finally with all that in place, you need to know that signage is getting bigger and better and that it is no longer just some stickers on the wall or window, but this is something that is thought of right from the start even before the building is erected. The only disadvantage of this is that many businesses are permanently tied to the building as it becomes remarkably difficult to move from the building due to the signage. And then again it limits the chances of changing the signage in the event that you want to rebrand.