How to Hire a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

It’s time to replace those cabinets that are falling apart, and that sink that is as old as your kid in college. It’s time to hire a contractor to revamp your kitchen into a desirable one―a space where you feel like spending more time and experimenting with delicacies that you have never tried before. And while we have already established that this task is anything but a cakewalk, we do assure you that nothing beats the outcome of thorough research and the establishment of a healthy bond between you and the contractor. Here’s Buzzle’s take on how to hire a kitchen remodeling contractor for an impeccable final product.
Before Hiring a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor: Ask About These
Before you begin looking for a contractor, understand and establish the scope of work. You want to remodel the kitchen, which means, you will have to take everything down, and replace it with new material and designs. This will include electrical work, cabinetry, plumbing, tiling, and painting. All these should fall within the scope of work of the remodeling contractor. Some contractors may provide the kitchen design. Others may want a design ready to execute from a professional designer. Iron out these details before you begin.

Once this area has been cleared, look into the following details, and watch out for the signs that you should not be establishing any association with a particular contractor.

Licensing, Insurance, and Permits

Any home improvement contractor, regardless of his specialty, must:
❖ Possess a valid license for his area of work.
❖ Possess liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage to protect you and his workers from damages.
❖ Be able to obtain permits necessary to perform the said work (this may vary from state to state).
Flee if he says: Obtaining permits doesn’t fall within my domain. You will have to get them yourself.
This probably means he does not have the license necessary to work as a kitchen remodeling contractor, and should not be even talking to you.


When you call him and speak to him, you should be able to get a good understanding of his communication style, and whether you will be able to work with him for a certain time period. Based on your telephone conversation, you should meet him in person to understand what kind of personality he has, how he works, and whether he is accommodating of your requirements and desires from the project.
Flee if he says: I know what a kitchen should be like. They’re all the same.
This clearly implies that he uses the same model for all kitchens, and does not pay attention to individual requirements. It is also likely this may cause several clashes with him in the future.

Client References and Previous Work

This is the most important aspect of narrowing down on a kitchen remodeling contractor, and the biggest section here, too. It is only from the experiences of others that you can decide whether this individual you are going to hand over your hearth to, the individual who’s going to be spending several hours in a day in your house, is reliable or not.
Ask for pictures of previous work. Ask to visit sites in progress. Obtain a list of references from him, and speak to a minimum of three past clients. These are the questions you should be asking them.

❖ How was your experience working with the contractor?
❖ Were there any issues regarding payments?
❖ Are his sub-contractors reliable?
❖ Did you have the facility to change your decision during the project? If so, what was the procedure to make the change?
❖ Did he clean up after the day’s work?
❖ How many hours a day did he work?
❖ Are you satisfied with the quality of material used for the work?
❖ Have all your requirements regarding the kitchen been accommodated? If not, were the alternatives provided suitable enough?
❖ Were there any delays in executing the project?
❖ What is the best way to communicate with the contractor?
❖ Would you work with him again?
❖ Would you recommend him to friends and family?
Flee if he says: I have high regard for client privacy, and cannot give out information of past clients to you.
Client references are the basis on which contractors get more work. Obviously, this person has not been doing a very great job, and wants you to find that out for yourself, not from previous clients.
Bids and Prices

Bids should always be made in writing, after the entire scope of work has been established. When interviewing multiple contractors, get bids from all of them for the same scope of work. Then identify whether they are adding or subtracting certain services that the others are (not) providing. This is the best way to narrow down on prices, and establish a good rate for the entire remodeling work.
Also, check whether this is an estimate based on the scope of work or a fixed price that includes contracting fees and profit margins.

Flee if he says:

❖ I can provide a bid just by looking at the place.
❖ If you hire me immediately, I will give you a 30% discount on the total rate.
❖ If you get me two other client referrals, I will give you a 30% discount on the total remodeling cost.

Do not fall for these ‘schemes’ or the lowest bid, because this may mean that the contractor is going to compromise on material and quality of work, and you will be left with a sub-standard kitchen that is probably worse than what you put up for remodeling.

Payment Policy

Well-established contractors have a specific payment method. Most do not even need an advance to begin with, but they may take a small amount as security, should you change your mind about their services midway. Other payment terms are clearly defined in a written contract, and are provided with the bid for clarification.
Establishing a payment policy right at the start is essential so that you are able to arrange for the necessary funds, and no surprises are sprung on you halfway through the work.
Flee if he says: I will require a 50% advance to begin.
This is merely a sign of his poor financial condition, which indicates that he has been out of work and out of touch with his field for a while; which, in turn, means he is not very reliable.


It is likely that your contractor will sub-contract to electricians/plumbers/carpenters, and the like, to get specialized work and even to expedite the remodeling process. This should be fine as long as he knows exactly how the work is proceeding and has a strong rapport with them.
In this regard, find out:
❖ Who will be liable for the quality of work?
❖ How long has the contractor worked with these sub-contractors?
❖ Can you communicate with the sub-contractors, or is the contractor going to be your main communication channel (recommended)?
❖ Will payments have to be made to them separately, or will they go through the contractor?
Flee if he says: You will have to deal with the other contractors directly. My job is only to bring them to you.
That is not his only job, and you are not meant to get involved with his team. You are only supposed to coordinate with him, the main contractor.

An experienced contractor will have a strong network of suppliers who regularly provide material to him. Because his reputation is on the line, he will probably not liaise with suppliers who will provide poor quality material. And even though he has a profit margin on the cost you will incur upon its purchase, it is better to allow him to source all the material with its guarantee/warranty.
You do not want to end up buying material you hardly have an idea about, and then argue with suppliers if it is not what your contractor demanded. Just ensure that the material the contractor uses falls within your budget.
Flee if he says: If you want a good sink, you will have to spend $6000 on it. Nothing else is good enough.
Budget plays a very important role in your remodeling project, and while no one is suggesting that a contractor use cheap material to meet your budget requirements, he should not go overboard with it, and make you spend on something good that can be bought for a much lower price.

Any reputable kitchen contractor will not only offer a warranty on the material used, he will in fact guarantee that there will be no problems for a minimum of one year after the work has been completed. Ensure that you get this in writing from him. You can also recheck this from previous clients.
Flee if he says: Even doctors don’t provide guarantees.
What a lovely but completely irrelevant analogy. You are demanding a guarantee on tangible products, and it is very much possible to give one in this case.
Time Frame

The time frame within which the work is completed will depend on the scope of work, the size of the contractor’s team, and his experience and expertise in performing his job. He should be able to give you a believable time estimate so that you can plan your other activities accordingly. Also, ask if he will provide you with a temporary kitchen setup somewhere else in your house so that your kitchen activities may continue smoothly.
Flee if he says: (One week before Christmas) Sure, I can give you your kitchen by Christmas eve.
This guy is certainly very eager to land your job and equally eager to get it out of the way, which again is a ‘sub-standard job’ alert. Unless the job (or your kitchen) is really small, it is very unlikely that it will be completed to the last detail in a mere week.
Every bit of discussion pertaining to the kitchen remodel should be part of a written contract, including the makeshift kitchen he is going to provide. This is important so that both you and the contractor are secure, and have a legal document to resort to, in case of any differences. Thus, the time, the prices, the material, the sub-contractors, the number of times you can change your decisions and the method of implementing them, his liability to suppliers, liens that release you from any liability should the contractor fail to pay suppliers and subcontractors, and more, should all have individual clauses within the contract.
Flee if he says: These are small things. I am giving you my word on them.
Going back on your word is as easy as changing your mind about what you want to eat while waiting at the counter at McDonald’s. Get EVERYTHING in writing to ensure a successful project.
Finally, experts always suggest choosing a contractor whom you are comfortable communicating with. Even if he charges a slightly higher price, the outcome will be better, because he will understand your requirements and try his best to give you exactly what you want from your kitchen.

Bathroom Design for Small Spaces

Bathrooms are almost always one of the most ignored spaces in a house. While we tend to spend ages beautifying our house, we spend very little time on this essential room. Throughout the day, we keep using the bathroom. Hence, adequate attention should be given while decorating or remodeling the bathroom.
The essential things in a bathroom are the sink, the toilet, and the shower stall. Bathroom remodeling can be expensive and time-consuming. But with some smart design and color ideas, you can open up the small space of a bathroom. Here are some pictures of small bathrooms and tips that will inspire you to remodel or renovate a small bathroom.

Color Scheme for Small Bathrooms

Blue is a favorite bathroom color, it is soothing and pairs well with many other colors. Combining blue with white creates bright-looking walls. They reflect more light and open up the small space. Also, monochromatic scheme works great for small spaces. Cream is a popular bathroom color, and you can’t go wrong with it.

Lighting up Small Spaces

Lighting is an important factor while decorating small spaces. Installing a new window or a skylight in your old bathroom can increase the amount of natural light entering the bathroom.

Ceiling Lights

Using artificial lights, which are compact in size and throw a good amount of bright light, will brighten your room and give a feeling of more space. This light will also bounce off the light-colored walls and give an impression of more room.

Pedestal Sink

For saving space in a small bathroom, install a pedestal sink. They are available in many designs, patterns, and colors so that you can match them with your bathroom decor.
Floating Sink
Floating sinks are great for small spaces, they allow easy cleaning, and you can place a laundry basket under them. You can also consider installing a see-through floating sink made of glass for a more spacious look.

Cabinet Sink

Having some sort of storage underneath the sink is a good space-saving idea. You can see in the picture a rack is placed underneath the sink, which helps in smart storage. Alternatively, you can also opt for a cabinet sink.

Glass Shower Stall

If you don’t want a tub, go for a corner glass shower stall, as it will save more floor space. Using glass shows the other side of the shower stall, which makes the bathroom appear larger.

Glass and Mirrors in Tiles

Mirrors reflect a lot of light, and give depth and semblance of more room. You can also go for a slightly large mirror to give the bathroom a more spacious feeling. Or you can consider installing a mirrored glass door for the shower area.

Storage Cabinet

A bathroom cabinet with a mirror can be installed above the bathroom sink. Such a bathroom cabinet can also serve the purpose of a mirror, and you can store many products inside the cabinet and avoid unnecessary clutter.
Storage Shelves
Open hanging shelves are great for small bathrooms, and you can see the wall behind the shelf which gives an illusion of more space. You can have an open shelf in a corner of the bathroom. An open shelf behind the toilet is also a good idea for storing additional items. Install floating bars to hang towels, clothes, napkins, etc.


In a small bathroom, keep a maximum of three accents. Overdoing with accents to decorate a small bathroom will make it look cluttered and shabby. Potpourri and scented candles will not just look good, but will also keep the bathroom smelling fresh and nice.

Indoor Plants

Small indoor plants lend a green look to your bathroom. You can also consider hanging a painting depicting the outdoors.
A small bathroom is more practical than a larger one as a small bathroom is easier to maintain and clean. With these ideas, you can convert your small bathroom into a spacious, airy, and elegant space that you have always wanted.

Tips to Make Coffee Shop Design

Your desire to have opened a coffee shop is not bad one. You do however need to have information that will make it succeed at your fingertips. There is a lot you need to put into consideration before you go into the business. You should think of a coffee shop that would be a good source of income for you not one that would make you just another shop owner. The following are tips that can help you come up with a good coffee shop design.

Your Budget:

A lot will be determined by how much you intend to put into your business. There would be equipments you need to buy, installations you need to make and a whole lot of other things that would require you dip your hand into your coffers. Your budget would help you determine the scale upon which you are going to operate. You need to sit down and make some fiscal analyses to know exactly what your purse can afford you establish. This is the first step you need to make. It is very necessary because you don’t want to start and get cut off midstream when you run out of cash.

Your Design should speak for you:

It is always good if you can come up with a unique style and a new way of doing this old business. Experts in commercial business centers know that competition is cut throat but they are able to maintain a comfortable lead with their unique approach to the business. You should set about the goal of getting your own unique design and layout. There is no point saying this must be done before you start the business. Make sure you get the right location as a wrong one could land you a low turn out of customers which you don’t want to happen to you but of course this is also determined by your budget.

In any case, a commercial area is favoured over a less busy area. Whatever location you eventually select, the design you give the exterior of your shop speaks volume of what a potential customer may expect from it. You need to have a vivid image of where you want you want the commercial gala placed. You would definitely need some space for the movement of your customers. Do bear in mind the possibility of a large clientele if you provide quality service. Your floor space layout should make adequate space available right from the outset as it may not be an easy task restructuring after your shop has been built.

Decorative inputs:

You need to have color and decorative motif that would present the coffee theme for your shop. The interior and the exterior of your shop could be in different shades of coffee color. When you enter a coffee shop and you see paintings of coffee blenders, coffee mugs and cups and bags of coffee beans spilling over the top, they help drive home some awareness for the trade with force. These decorative paintings could be free hand graffiti or sketches done by you or your friends. You can also make use of actual coffee items like coffee mugs to decorate shelves in your shop. All these done, you need to provide adequate comfort for your customers. A cozy and beautiful environment is created with small couches, stools and a little space for some of your customers that may want to use their laptops over a cup of coffee.

Your coffee shop design is going to be instrumental in the success you make out of the business. It is always better to get it done right from the plan as you go about thinking more of the business.


Home Exterior Design

Are you tired of the exterior design of your house? I recommend you to make a plan for renovation. Make the design before you do the renovation of your house. The simplest form of renovation is the paint renovation. You need to apply new paint for very few years to keep the house look nice. Even though you do not have a luxurious house, you can still make your house look nice by having the simplest renovation.

Vinyl siding can be considered if you are planning for renovation. It is very durable, neat, and long-lasting. Vinyl siding is available in affordable price. Choose the best color that can make your house looks great.

Planning to have a unique house is good but you have to consider whether the color is appropriate or not. Look at the other homes before you re-paint your house. Never over do the paint because your house might look weird. For instance, shocking pink color will make your house stand out of the other houses. If your house is painted in neutral color, you can re-paint it with light or darker color. Choose soft color to keep the balance. You can also make shades for outstanding house.

Match the color of every element in your house. You can avoid jarring image by matching the color. Never add contrasting color to keep the color balance. Exception can be made if you are in low-budget. You can make some tricks to solve this problem. If you cannot change the old unit with the new one that has the similar color, you can simply paint it to the nearest color scheme. Other trick is by adding another unit that has the similar color.

If you have an old house, you can choose the color scheme that goes along with the architecture. Take color sample for easier color fitting. You can hire professional to do this job because old house exterior renovation is kind of hard to be done by beginner.